Special Toast

Ah, Special Toast. You are not for every day. Some might argue you are not for any day, but I don’t want to hear from those curmudgeons, who are also probably lunch time tooth brushers.

When I was a kid, Dad would occasionally have responsibility for breakfast coverage, and when the stars aligned, and time and moods were perfectly in synch, we would make Special Toast. This pretty much blew our minds, because we were allowed to put ANYTHING WE WANTED THAT WE COULD FIND IN THE KITCHEN on slices of bread, broil them, and eat them. Lumps of brown sugar? Sure! Cheerios? Go ahead! It was delicious, delicious anarchy.

Every once in a while in these parts, when we experience a similar convergence of an open weekend morning, good moods and parental serenity, we pull out the stops and do the same.

Special Toast
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Special Toast
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  1. Set the children loose on the kitchen to find everything that can be sprinkled, dusted, spread or piled on a slice of bread. This can include, but is certainly not limited to: jam, honey, peanut butter, chocolate chips, marshmallows, brown sugar, powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, straight up sugar, malt powder, nutella, raisins, other fresh fruit (like banana slices), cold cereal, coconut, nuts... you get the point.
  2. I can not more enthusiastically recommend covering your pan with foil for easier cleanup.
  3. Lay out your bread-y canvasses. You may choose to pre-toast, but we favor the raw bread platform.
  4. Spread your base layer. This helps anchor subsequent strata.
  5. Exercise both vigor...
  6. ... and contemplation.
  7. Be a good sharer.
  8. And know when to call it when everything is just right.
  9. There are infinite species of Special Toast, but a few main ones can be identified here.

    A. "The Fort" or "House." Constructed with exactitude and narrative.

  10. B. "The Structured Sampler." Created by uptight parents.
  11. C. "The Volcano." This is the most commonly sighted species, and makes up in sheer volume of sugar for any deficits in aesthetics. It does, however, tend to get a little dry in the middle.
  12. Put the oven on low broil, and put the pan in the middle of the oven. This could burn if not watched carefully, so post guards.
  13. When everything has melted/toasted/solidified to a satisfying state (as judged by all creators), pull them out.
  14. Use scientific devices to confirm the readiness of the toast.
  15. Below: Telescopic view
  16. Approach the toast in whatever manner desired. It's often too heavy or unstable to pick up, so forks may be considered.
  17. Sometimes it's so good, you just have to kiss that last marshmallow.
  18. And remember, the Toast may not be Special every day, but you are. 🙂
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