Cinnamon Apple Jelly

Cinnamon Apple Jelly
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Cinnamon Apple Jelly
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  1. In a large pot, combine the apple juice (I used juice I drained from applesauce I made. Use the draining directions from apple jelly )...
  2. ...the red hots...
  3. ...and the pectin. Whisk well: the pectin tends to lump up. I used my hand egg beater, which kept getting caught on the red hots until they dissolved. No biggie.
  4. I tend to use the boxes of pectin, but this time used the stuff you have to measure from a jar. That's kind of annoying, and you end up with extra at the end that's not enough to make more batches with... buy the boxes if possible and if it's not some sort of super deal to get it in the jar.
  5. Bring the mixture to a boil.
  6. Add the sugar, and bring to a rolling boil again for at least a minute, making sure the sugar is all dissolved.
  7. At this point, you are supposed to skim off the foam and can it, but I ran it through a mesh strainer first to get rid of any off pectin lumps, and that got rid of much of the foam. Skim any remaining foam and can it up!
Recipe Notes

October 2015

I was lured into making this because all the recipes for it and its ilk said "hint" of cinnamon, and that the red hot flavor went away leaving a light flavor and pretty color. I actually found it to be pretty darned cinnamon-y, which is not typically to my taste. Other folks seem to like it, but if I make it again, I'd definitely only can it in little jars: it's not a daily sandwich-making staple. More of an "over-some-goat-cheese-or-cream cheese-on-a-cracker-as-an hors doevres" kind of thing.

Original recipe from Taste of Home.

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