Canned Apples

Canned Apples
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Canned Apples
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  1. The amounts on this are based on what I had: I tried to adjust a few internet recipes to match. I had a large tote bag of sketchy looking apples (this photo shows what was left after I'd been cutting them up for over an hour). They were fine, but it would have taken forever to scrub them if I wanted to save the cores and peels to make jelly, so I just peeled, cored and sliced them and chucked the scraps. Sorry, earth.
  2. I put all the apple pieces in water with a good glug of lemon juice (probably about 1/4 cup in each of two big bowls I filled up) to keep them from turning brown.
  3. This job took hours, as the apples were plentiful, tiny, and weird. It was a good opportunity to catch up on some episodes of American Pickers. The tote produced 28 cups of slices.
  4. After all the apples were prepped, I made the "syrup" in which they are packed. I based the amount on the volume of fruit I had, so I ended up using 15 1/2 cups of water and 10 1/2 cups of sugar. I just mixed them in this big pot...
  5. ... and brought it to a boil.
  6. I added the apples, which promptly floated to the top. I brought it back to a boil, poking them down gently periodically.
  7. Once it was back to a boil, I let them simmer for 5 minutes. It was mysteriously foamy.
  8. This was to have filled 7 quart jars. It filled 6 quart jars and 1 about a third of the way. I ended up pouring probably 3/4 of the syrup down the drain though, since I wanted the jars to be predominantly apples, and that was what was left after the jars were filled. I don't know if I could cook it with less syrup, or if it needs that much to sufficiently cook the apples. Whatever. I processed them in boiling water for 25 minutes because the jars were so large.
Recipe Notes

October 31, 2015 (Boo!)

I thought I'd be able to use these in pies or cobblers, but they're too soft to cook more. They are, however, delicious. 🙂 They'd be crispier if the pieces were bigger (which they could have been if my apples had been bigger). Also, these apples were quite firm and tart, but they cooked up quite tender and sweet. I'll definitely do this again, but it's more family food than gift. It would be like giving someone a can of pears for a present.

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