How To… Freeze Bananas

So promising when golden at the store, so tragic when overripe at home. Prep these babies well in the freezer and you’ll be ready for smoothies and banana bread when the mood strikes.

Oh man! These are going to be too soft to pack in a lunch. See the stems? When they’re a little shriveled like that the bananas are nice and ripe, but less favored for general snacking. They’re perfect for baking or smoothies, though!


Here’s the key to freezing them: PEEL THEM FIRST. I do not want to look in your freezer and see scary, wizened black bananas with their peels all frozen stuck. Nobody wants that. It’s gross. (Note: the bananas can be softer and riper than this: just make sure you break off any bruise-y spots.)


I break them in half to make them fit in a ziplock bag better, and it’s easy to put a half a banana in a blender when it’s frozen. Squeeze the air out of the bag and zip it up tight. If you want to be super cool, write the date on the bag, so you don’t find yourself making something with 7-year-old fruit. I almost never write the date. Because I’m not cool.


If you’re anxious about flavor or smell transfer from other freezer items, pop the whole thing in another zip. Freeze ’em up!