How To… Make Fridge Water

Look, if The Search For Delicious has taught us nothing else, there is not much better than a tall, cool glass of water when you’re really thirsty. And around these parts where ice cubes are scarce due to cramped freezer conditions, that means having a pitcher of tasty, tasty fridge water ready at all times.

Not everyone is lucky enough to live in Easthampton, Massachusetts, which in 2015 won an award for best tasting water in the US, but we do! That said, I believe our recipe will serve you even if your tap water is less idyllic.


Use a nice glass pitcher if you can. Metal can make water taste weird. Plastic is fine, but you don’t get the same glamorous feeling when pouring. I recommend a top to your pitcher to keep errant crumbs out, but if it won’t fit in the refrigerator with one or you don’t have a lid, live dangerously.


Wipe the bottom dry, put that baby in the fridge, and there you go. Do not forget to refill the pitcher when you empty it! Please wash the pitcher every few refills. (That means with soap, people, and enthusiastic rinsing.)

Frosty and health-giving!

Of course, there are other ways to quench your thirst.

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But not all of us recommend them.

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