How To… Store Leftover Pancakes


When I’m finished making pancakes, I usually want about one. And I have about a hundred left over. As tempting it is to just get rid of them or let them dry out in the fridge, take a minute to do this and you’ll have tasty toaster breakfasts for days!

Don’t save batter in the refrigerator: the leaveners go flat, and you probably won’t take time to cook it up, anyway. (And if you did, you’d have to clean a frying pan again. Who wants to do that?) Just keep making pancakes until the batter is used up.

Once they’re cool, put your leftovers in layers in ziplock bags with wax paper (or parchment, or plastic wrap) between the pancakes. It’s better to use a few quart-sized bags than one big one, because if, say, kids keep opening and closing (or not closing) the same bag, the pancakes are more likely to get stale or freezer burned.

Gently pressĀ the air out of the zippies, seal them and pop them in the freezer. When you want to eat them, you can put individual pancakesĀ in the toaster or toaster oven (or microwave, but that’s less crispy).